Insidious: Chapter 2 – Review

Here we go horror fans… lets just jump into Insidious Chapter 2. This film was directed by the James Wan and written by Leigh Whannel and stars Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey, and the ever awesome Lin Shaye. It continues the story of the Lambert family, and their constant struggle with dead people, demons, and one angry old lady in black. The film starts with a flash back of Lorraine Lambert (Barbara Hershey) seeking help for her young son Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson). She requests the help of “medium” Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) to hopefully get rid the evil entity that is stalking her son. What they film is truly disturbing.
The film continues after that, right where it left off in the first movie. Elise has just been killed and both the son and the father of the Lambert family are back safely in their bodies… or so we assume. As the film progresses we realize that the family has not escaped the twisted anger of “the further” world of the dead. Renai Lambert(Rose Byrne) is still seeing and hearing things and when she confronts Josh (Patrick Wilson) his response is that it is all over. We soon find out he is hiding his own big secret. The lady in black is not done with  Josh yet, and she isn’t alone. This sends Lorraine to seek help from Elise’s old friend Carl, played by Steve Coulter, and the two forensic team members from the first movie to continue on a journey to find out the truth of the “lady in black”. Their findings lead them to an abandoned hospital Lorraine use to work at, there they find clues that link a patient to young Josh and the root to why this horrible entity has been after him for so long.
While all of this is happening we see the Lambert children enduring their own troubles with the world of the dead, in particular Dalton, the oldest son, who had to fight of a demon in the first movie, is having bad dreams about the evil things in the further. The youngest child Kali is also being plagued by an entity that uses the baby monitor for some good scares.
After the hospital, the clues lead Lorraine, Carl, and the others to the hospital patients home that has been forgotten by time and left to decay, along with all of it secrets. There they find the biggest clue of all… the “lady in black” isn’t a lady at all… she is a he that was once a young boy who was forced by his very evil mother to be a girl. This caused the boy to develop into quite the serial killer, hence why he wanted josh’s body at such a young age to relive his childhood as a proper little boy. Once Lorraine has this information she knows what to do, she goes to Renai and reveals their plan to sedate Josh and push out the evil spirit and help the real josh find his way back, Of course their plan goes array when the evil spirit in inside josh suspects that something is wrong and kills Carl. Now that Carl is dead he and the real Josh meet up in the further and seek out Elise. They find Elise and begin their journey to find the memories of the insane “lady in black”, that would drive “her” out of Josh’s body so that Josh could return to his family.
That is all I feel like revealing because I like the twist at the ending and no need to spoil such a fun sequel. Over all I liked the movie, I felt that it was well paced and had great scares throughout. It continued and resolved a lot, but their were a few holes that I felt needed a bit more explaining but with a concept like the “further” you can take a few liberties and get away with it. Especially when the make-up on all the villains was impressive. The make-up artists really found a great balance between ghoul and creepy beauty! I would totally recommend this film to any horror buff because I felt it was a good sequel that held true to the first movie but had its own identity! On a scale of 1 to 10 I give Insidious Chapter 2 a 8. So… go see it!!

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