Sandlot Interview- Legends Never Die

SandLot Interview

Last week I along with the Flick Fanatic got to Interview two legends from the Sandlot Director, writer, Narrator David m. Evans, and Patrick “Ham” Renna .  We got this opportunity due to the success of this iconic flick turning 20 years old.  Who would have thought in 1993 this flick would have been so successful to be passed on from generation to generation.  The Interview was amazing they were both great guys.  Below is a transcript of some of the Interview audio of the whole interview will be posted soon



Karl: The Sandlot is one of the best viewed, rated and done baseball flicks in history, How much was this story taken from your life?

David : Any writer worth their salt is what they write and what they write is what they are.  None of these kids were any kid I knew and all of these kids were every kid I knew (Mark Twain).  Having said that, there was a small incident that happened to my brother and I around 8 or 9 years old.  Kids played ball at the end of my street that wouldn’t let us play.  One day they hit the ball over a fence and told my brother if he went to get the ball he could play with them.  My brother went over the fence and got bit pretty bad by the vicious dog named Hercules.  I really hated those guys .

Brad:  To follow up Karl’s question did you think The Sandlot would stand alone and last 20 years as a coming of age flick.

David:  There is no way, did I hope yes, You hope you can finish the film, you hope all the focus groups would like it.  My Job was to put a puzzle together it was a 5,000,000 piece puzzle I had to make sure It was saying what I wanted to say.  It wasn’t until the DVD revolution that I realized how big it was going to be. 

Brad:  It has hit all the Generations.

Karl: Patrick What was your friends reaction to you being in this flick.

Patrick: I had friends before the flick that are still my friends today.  I think I have been able to live a normal life.  It is all on how you look at it. 

Karl:  You said the crew was laughing a lot was there a lot of pranks on the set?

Patrick: It wasn’t a prank heavy Set we enjoyed what we were doing so much I think a lot of the pranks were put into the flick.  David was really good at getting us to me rambunctious and put them all into the flick.  I think the crew really liked us, I think they had love for us kids. 

Brad:  For both of you how was catching and Patrick did you ever play catcher before?

Patrick:  No I had played some outfield, and 2nd base.  I gained a lot of respect for catchers sitting back there with balls coming at me around 60 – 80 miles per hour.  As for casting I think David tells it better.

David: Patrick was the last person to audition and be cast period.   

They talked about how lots of the scenes behind home plate were adlibbed and home the lines would grow from shot to shot.  We all agreed that Patrick did a great job razzing the hitters like all great catchers did.

Brad: On the cast who was the best athlete?

David & Patrick:  Mike was the best athlete; he actually went on to play for in school.  Then it was probably me I could play, I wasn’t going to go onto play in school but I was o.k.

Brad:  For both of you What is the one message you hope all the generations take from this flick.

Patrick:  Heroes get remembered but Legends never Die.

David: It is true. (he goes on to tell us he was just at the Shoeless Joe Jackson museum and signed a poster  Heroes get remembered but legends never die from nine small legends.) This movie is about friendship it is not about baseball.  It is also about what is on the little league patch. It has a triangle with the words Character, courage, and loyalty.  There is probably no finer qualities to raise your kids by unfortunately I think some of those are missing in today’s youth. 

Patrick: Don’t let Bully’s come on your field, Don’t back down.

We go on to discuss onset baseball games, and how it was great to watch “Darth Vader” act.  When he came onto the set there was a buzz.

The Interview lasts about 30 minutes and the main message is while it is the 20th anniversary of The Sandlot, the message of the Sandlot will continue to be passed down from generation to generation.  So go out and buy the new 20th anniversary edition bluray and show your kids, or your grand-kids  and have fun watching the flick with them you all will have a great time, and let’s hope the young ones get the message from the flick. I would like to thank both David and Patrick for not only their time but also the dedication it took to get thisk flick made and have the message come out so clear. 


While David and Patrick were in town they dedicated a field for the T.A.S.K. organization in Fenton, Mo.  This field was built with donations from 20th Century Fox. 

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