That’s My Boy Reviewed By Chris

“That’s My Boy? That’s My Laugh!”

It’s almost seven months later after Sandler’s last film, Jack and Jill. After its premiere, Jack and Jill was critiqued to be the worst movie of 2011 by fans and critics everywhere. What seemed to be a Sandler version of Tootsie as he cross dresses into his twin sister turned out to be a disaster? According to Rotten Tomatoes, it has earned a low “3 %” based off of 100 reviews. In fact, “Jack and Jill” won 10 out of 12 Golden Raspberry Awards for 2011, including Worst Director (Dennis Dugan), Worst Screenplay, Worst Actor (Adam Sandler) and Worst Picture.
So, how is Adam Sandler going to redeem himself with the acclaim as he got in the golden years with Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison? To be honest, this movie is our final answer.
I went to the private screening of this on Tuesday, June 12, three days before its release. I saw trailers of it and I kept thinking, “This is going to receive terrible reviews from others and this movie is going to keep crushing Sandler’s respect as a comedian.” With all honesty, I was wrong. This film was a LOT better than I thought it was going to be. I can’t get into too many details about the movie, because I don’t like to be a spoiler to anyone (no pun intended).
What made That’s My Boy so much better than I thought was going to be was the fact that it was Sandler being a rated “R” classic Sandler. His voice throughout the movie reminded audiences that Happy Gilmore was still inside of him, his long hair from The Wedding Singer was there, along with the low education level of Billy Madison was still within as well. Here’s a math problem solved to go with this, Billy Madison’s Voice + The Wedding Singer’s Hair + Billy Madison’s Education = Donny Berger (his character in That’s My Boy).
What I found interesting about this movie was that it is a father-son comedy version of Rain Man. It’s a collaboration of an old classic SNL (Saturday Night Live) veteran with the new SNL veteran (Andy Samberg). Rain Man was a collaboration of classic actor, Dustin Hoffman, and new generation actor, Tom Cruise. Coincidently, (you’ll find this out in the first ten minutes of the movie anyway) Andy Sandberg’s character can do instant math within his head without a calculator, just like Hoffman’s character, Raymond Babbitt.
The plot of the movie was somewhat similar to Happy Gilmore. In Gilmore, he had to get $270,000 to help pay his grandma’s taxes to the IRS within a week. In That’s My Boy, Donny Berger has to get $43,000 to the IRS within three days after not paying for the past three years. So, Donny needs the help of his son, Todd (Andy Samberg), to help him come up with the money so he doesn’t go to jail. Don’t worry, this isn’t the whole plot of the movie, but I don’t want to give out any spoilers to you.
What surprised me the most was that this movie was definitely a comeback for supporting actor, Milo Ventimiglia. He portrayed the son of Rocky Balboa, Robert Balboa Jr., in 2006’s Rocky Balboa and as Peter Petrelli in NBC’s Heroes, before being canceled in 2010 after four seasons in running. Throughout his acting career, Ventimglia has played mostly serious, but friendly roles as seen in his work. Ever since Heroes ended, Ventimilia has had trouble finding praise for his next acting parts. His last film, The Divide (2012) earned a 25% on Rotten Tomatoes and poor box office attendance as well. In That’s My Boy, he plays a serious, but comedic serious character named Chad, the military brother of the fiancé Todd (Samberg) is engaged to. He’s funny. He’s awkward funny and even stronger looking than his heroic role in Heroes. This was Ventimiglia’s first real role as a comedian and, overall, he did a great job as the character being funny and not so serious. This movie is, definitely, the comeback movie for Ventimiglia.
Lastly, the cameo appearances of nostalgic pop culture stars kill the audience with laughter. For example, Vanilla Ice appears as himself and as Donny Berger’s friend in the movie. With all honesty, Ice was almost as funny as Sandler himself throughout. I say that, because not only have most fans not seen him since his album To the Extreme, but he delivers a comedic side no one has seen. It’s profanity and using his tough side persona to mix with his humor that drives audiences crazy.
Finally, the last things to say about That’s My Boy: This film is, probably, going to go down as one of the most underrated movie movies of the year. After the terrible release of Jack and Jill, fans will be thrilled to see Sandler as being his classic self in this flick. Like I’ve said, it is, simply, classic Sandler. If you love Sandler, this is a movie to see in the theatres. You could wait ‘til it’s out on DVD, but if you do choose to go see it on the big screen, then no harm done. B
Chris Brown 6/15/12

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  1. Laura Faerber says:

    Sandler, one of many great Saturday Night Live comic’s of our generation. His body of work will be the next Kevin Bacon Game, the classics, an little Elvis!

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