Pirates Band of Misfits

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

If it wasn’t for kids, I don’t know how us parents would submit to an old-school claymation-like movie considering the influx of dramatic, 3-D animations we have gotten spoiled into viewing as of late, but there is no school like the old school when it comes to The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

The folks who brought us Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit have awakened from their movie hibernation and hit a home run with the Pirate Captain, (yes, really, that’s his name), and his true-to-name crew of misfits. The fiercely dedicated crew comprised of a woman disguised as a man in a lovely orange beard, an albino, a sincere, uptight number one and a slew of one-eyed, slovenly men obsessed with beards-growing, maintaining and showing them off-along with a bizarre obsession of having Ham Night sing-a-longs, are indeed a formidable combination of giggles.

Pirate Captain, fantastically done by Hugh Grant, wants to win the annual Pirate of the Year Award after multiple defeats to other bearded pirates with more booty to validate their worth. After assessing his competition, he does a quick tour of the sea to fill his treasure chest and register his bounty for the contest. Upon filling out the form, he is besieged by three other pirates, clearly more adept in locating and claiming treasures of the sea, at the pub of choice for all of the pirates. This pub scene is superbly done by Salma Hayek and Hugh Grant, a good laugh for everyone, especially when the whale comes into the bar. Their taunts of ridicule and booty boasting gets the best of our Pirate Captain, returning him to his crew defeated, ready to give up. His Number One cheers him and reminds him that there is much more to a pirate than booty and they should give their looting one more attempt.

The antics and sheer obsession of obtaining a higher status among his pears, rises to a boil upon meeting Charles Darwin while he and his crew take over his famous ship, The Beagle, during their last tour of take-over attempts. They oddly form a defeated duo renewed in their mutual pursuits of fame and fortune, and end up agreeing to help each other. Instead, things go further awry when Queen Elizabeth enters the picture and the worth of his beloved bird, Polly, comes into play.

The movie is somewhat predictable but sincerely funny in the way it plays on human characteristics and facts of history. It will definitely be enjoyable for your pirate-loving kids and one worth seeing.

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