Journey 2 the Mysterious Island

You just cannot go wrong with Michael Caine and Dwayne Johnson embarking upon a wild adventure, and Journey 2 delivers. The cast is well built, with its strong and weak performances, but balances wonderfully. Caine’s jovial, nutty character was a superb departure from his standard repertoire, (no Finn McMissle here!). He believably engaged alongside young actor Josh Hutcherson, who nicely portrayed his grandson. Two words for the moms taking their kids to see this movie—Dwayne Johnson. Seriously, he delivers on his role as Hutcherson’s step-father, teasing us with his physical beauty coupled with witty and self-depreciating storyline. He rocked! (And yes, I am aware of the pun ;-)). It was nice to see Vanessa Hudgens outside of her typecasting, but, unfortunately, her performance was lackluster. Luis Guzman, who portrayed Hudgens’ father, was the hit of the movie. He was hilarious in his role as helicopter pilot turned adventurer. The movie would not have been near as entertaining without him.


The special effects were really spectacular in 3D, (pay the extra money, it’s worth it!). From Johnson’s peck popping to the adorable tiny elephants, the Journey 2 is believable and relatable. I think one of the reasons I enjoyed the movie so much, (ok, outside of Johnson), was that the storyline was good and honestly enjoyable for the adults as well as the kids; very seldom do you find a match for both parents and kids when it comes to movies.


So spring for the 3D and revel in the well-told, visually satisfying movie of Journey 2 the Mysterious Island

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