The Craft Blast From the Past

The Craft 1996
I am going to try and do one of these every let’s say month. A movie from my past, might not be the best movie in the world, but I put movies that are tied to great memories in a hat and drew here is the first flick!
First we all remember The Craft. The story of four highschool teens who are very Spiritual, but also misfit girls. They have formed a clique that ends up being a young coven of witches. We learn that they gain power in numbers and with that power they employ some big and small changes in their lives at home, and at school. Everything is great until conflicts emerge in the “Circle” of friends which causes some back stabbing and some very deadly betrayals.
Although from what I have read critics linked this flick to “Clueless” it reminds me more of “Heathers” the 1989 classic flick, with the dark humor, and very similar plotline. The problem is this is where the comparisons stop. The Craft is not as good as “Heathers” despite the witchcraft aspect. The Craft is way too predictable! Even so, this flick was somewhat entertaining before becoming completely unhinged as it starts to get more horrific, (not many scenes that would have made my date at the time jump into my lap or hold onto my arm tighter) and what looked like it would be a fun little teen horror film ends up falling short of the mark, with little to show for a climax save for a ton of special effects and mild gross-out moment. Unless you find snakes to be frightening, this horror film has very few moments of genuine scares, while the goofy dialogue and soapy moments of teen romance catapult this into the realm of camp comedy at times. I grade the Flick from the past a C- .
The Reason this flick made it into this section is because I saw it on a date and it was a great time. Yes 1996 people.. Comment below if you have some bad movies that you will still watch just to remember the time, people, and even places you saw the flick!

By Brad

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  1. Lisa says:

    I, for one, find this movie a magically good time! Who doesnt like to see the “outsiders” of high school turn into the “hotties” and then into the “bad girls” 🙂 lol Two thumbs up!

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