The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Review

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo


If you go to this movie, it’s most likely because you read the book. You may not have gotten through it all, maybe a chunk or two at a time, or maybe you tore through all three books in a sincere panic, because once you began to know Lisbeth Salander, you just can’t leave her be.


There was a silent panic minutes before the movie started. We worried about how all this was gonna leap from book-to-screen in a credible, do-her international fame and justice kinda way. The books were beyond superb, and devotees of Stieg Larsson needed Hollywood to deliver.


The music was jolting, edgy, familiar. Those of us who came to ‘meet’ Lisbeth Salander, knew she had arrived. The movie delivered on the eerily real and troublingly damaged people of Mikhail Blomkvst, Lisbeth and especially of those they uncover throughout the chilling story. You felt the cruel injuries, endurance and unjust situation of our grrl shero along with the painful ego blast Blomkvst endures while never managing to sleep alone. The stark honesty of horrific inflictions shown on screen with the same sincerity as those of a sweet and loving tone was tender and very authentic.


The story is told well, distressingly well. However, I still had moments of anxiety, worried that some people might not fully grasp the depth of the gruesome ick-facter of the plot-line so perfected by the book.


The movie is exceptional, delivers on acting, setting legitimacy and blunt delivery on the more-movies-to- come-possibility question. The hype on Roony Mara is hands-down merited. She is Lisbeth Salander. Mara also deserves an award for saying the most by not actually uttering a sound. Even the handsome Daniel Craig, manages to make man-kini skivvies go from sizzingly unexpected to pathetic; matching identically to the Mikael of Larrson’s evocative lexis. The intricate portrayal of essential characters is excellent. This adds additional integrity and balance to the full story and Lisbeth.


The length of the movie seems to be a buzz but I did not find it bothersome or redundant, merely necessary. There were demands on the story, details mattered.


The book will get you in the seat, the music will successfully boot you up and the story line will solidly build you Lisbeth Salander and all that it entails.


See. It.


Steffanie Rockette

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