Happy Feet 2 Review By Steffanie

Happy Feet Two

Mumbles, (Elijah Woods), returns in this film, along with his now-wife Gloria, (voiced superbly by Alecia Moore, aka, P!nk), who find themselves parents to an adorable son, Erik, (Ava Acres). Life of the penguins has sprouted into a singing and dancing colony of superstars for everyone except for Erik. The fluffy little guy seems to have trouble understanding the ‘why’ behind the motive to dance and sing, only to be like everyone else. Erik believes he is to be special in a different way than the others but is uncertain how to go about his discovery. Sound familiar?

Robin Williams and his hysterical voices of Ramon and Lovelace are back in full fun-mode. Lovelace, however, has taken a back seat to the mysterious Sven, a self-help guru of sorts that has the ability to fly. Sven, (another Hank Azaria-voiced masterpiece), spews, in a Finland-like accent, motivational mantras like “If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours.” His actions are fueled by Lovelace’s cheering and crowd build-up, bringing the colony into a feverish lather during Sven’s ‘performances.’ All of the hoopla continues to feed into Sven’s ego and willingness to believe the dribble he declares.

Mumbles chases after Erik and his friends when they follow an unknowing, love-sick Ramon out beyond the colony. Their short adventure yields a show-down with an Aussie elephant seal, Bryan, and his pups. They return to learn that the shaking they experienced along the way home was in fact an earthquake, now isolating the entire colony from food and proper shelter.

The main plot of rescuing the rest of the penguins gets muddied by evidence of the polar ice caps melting, grass appearing, polar bears struggling in the water and the constant change in water. Another completely unrelated storyline of Will and Bill Krill, (played laugh-out-loud funny by Matt Damon and Brad Pitt), was uninteresting but immensely entertaining with their superb wit and comical diatribe.

The plot of Happy Feet Two is a murky dance with lots of dips and turns, leaving you wondering time and time again of just what the movie is all about, too many topics to carry successfully. However, the singing and downright goofy penguin drama makes the movie a great one to endure. The Rockette-like precision of the penguins and popular songs with lyrical twists are irresistible and enjoyable by all ages. I would highly recommend paying the extra bucks to see it in 3D, the action will make you really feel ‘in’ the movie, especially the ending and during the credits.

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