Bad Teacher Screening Contest


To Enter Please leave a comment below of who your Bad Teacher was or is and why.  We all had them and I am sure we all remember them.   Also be sure to be a fan of Watts Up Reviews and also Bad Teacher


46 Responses to “Bad Teacher Screening Contest”

  1. Sadina says:

    I had an awful teacher for 8th grade algebra..she was just mean!

    • mary says:

      my economics teacher always put me to sleep because his voice was so dull and monotone. he walked around with a stick and he would go by my desk and hit the edge to keep me awake. it was soooo embarrasing! i had to put up with him for 3 years because there wasn’t another teacher. i’m surprised i made it thru college.

    • nana says:

      my com arts teacher never let us get anything done in class. every morning, she makes us write a writing prompt. she would interrupt us to make sure we are using correct punctuation / grammar. she literaly checks each desk that we have a period at each sentence.. wow – she was intense!

  2. JoshuaB says:

    When we were in grade school,  we had a HORRIBLE teacher who would give us literally a timed hour long assignment every night because she felt that kids were not supposed to watch tv. Then she went as far as calling a student a fat pig and finally forced us to write a 6 page essay saying why she was right about the tv restriction!!!! And we were only in 5th grade!!!!!!!!

  3. Todd says:

    I once had a teacher call me a coward because I dropped his class.

  4. Sharon says:

    I had an English teacher in 10th grade that always walked around with the “bitch face” her name was Mrs Reynolds. She hated everyone and was always yelling at people about whatever. We all hated her too.

  5. Edna says:

    The worst teacher i ever had was in high school, and english teacher who ripped my term paper into pieces after she found one line i used from a book not in (“) marks… Needless to say i failed her class becuase of it….

  6. Mary J says:

    english teach was a total jerk

  7. Ron says:

    math teach, just couldn’t teach

  8. Mary says:

    had a teacher that would save his boogers in his mustache for a snack later I guess

  9. Ronald says:

    Had a teacher in grade school that would flick you on top of the head if you were bad

  10. Verdina says:

    I had a math teacher in high school. I doubt there are words to describe him he seriously got under my skin. He came into the middle of the year and looked forward for me being his student i was a easy person to get along with and i did alot for the school, WELL LET ME TELL YOU! HE was a jerk. HE got mad when i embarrassed him in front of the entire class, because i do not shut up for no one, he was rude and i didnt need that. After that we NEVER GOT ALONG always fought, and of COURSE that ******** failed me and i had to take summer school for the first time not because i wanted to but had to. HE acted to cool, and wanted to help but did not know how to teach just people just are meant to be.

    I also had a 8th grade music teacher sheeshhh he was such a pin head, he always wanted respect but treated everyone like crap, so of course i didnt like his attitude and therefore for the remainder of the year i went to the office for his class, at least i still got my credit.

  11. Maurice says:

    I had a bad teacher while taking a course in Electromagnetic Fields at Washington University. The teacher knew his subject but he was from India and his accent was so bad, many of us in the class could not understandwhat what he was saying. It is a good thing we had text books. I managed to pull a “B” in the subject, but taking this course was very stressful.

  12. Richardson says:

    Mr. Wallace was the worst teacher ever. He didn’t even try to remember student names of what assignments he had given us. He was so unorganized he would forget to bring the tests for us to take. He was my 7th grade teacher.

  13. Judi says:

    Mr . Anderson in 5th grade. Very mean math teacher. Treated me like I was a bother and kept me after class and would not help me. I really think I have a lack of confidence in math because of his attitude towards me.

  14. Bharti says:

    Had “bad” unpredictable teacher in college. – gave very hard exams and all the test questions were which he skipped in the class and then he will laugh

  15. Greg says:

    Miss Tucker in 5th grade… She used to throw kids into the coat racks when she was mad.

  16. Rock says:

    In high school, II had a teacher I liked. Was challenging and very smart. His tests were very hard. Was the baseball coach in summer, but then it happened. He turned out to be a “child molester, pervert”!. Found out he was inviting students to his house (mainly boys) to his pool and such, and “fondling” them and such. Boys were to scared and ashamed to report him. It was happening for years, until finally a student finally reported him. He was arrested and found guilty. I would say that he was a disappointing and “bad” teacher.

  17. Kathy says:

    Mrs. Smith my 3rd grade room teacher wore the same dress the entire week and stunk really bad by the end of the week.

  18. Rich says:

    Mr. Webster would give us pop quizzes all the time. Not cool.

  19. dennis says:

    WE had a teacher in High School who drank, and i don’t mean coffee, although she wanted everyone to think it was coffee, until one day when she passed out and fell of the chair!!!! WOW, that was the last we saw of her, TOO BAD???

  20. Judy says:

    I had a few in high school, but the worst was in college. My accounting teacher, (this was many many years ago), only wanted to discuss his favorite movie which happened to be Deep Throat. You are sitting in a class full of people you don’t know and have this nimrod going into great and gleeful detail about the finer aspects of various sex acts. In this day and age, he would have been out of there so fast. I’ve often wondered where the (now), old goat is and if he ever grew up.

  21. zachary says:


  22. Ben says:

    My 8th grade teacher Mrs. Timble. She was always absent and sleeping on the job.

  23. Lonnie says:

    Easy. My seventh grade teacher. He was grease ball, wore a military jacket, and was late to class five times. I’d still punch that guy today if I saw him.

  24. Suzy says:

    I once had a male teacher who would drop things on the ground and pick them up to stick his bum out at us, so bad!!! LOL

  25. Jennifer says:

    4th grade. In our state capitals test she told us that as long as she could tell what our answer was it didn’t matter if we spelled it correctly. Except for Jennifer, if you spell them wrong, I will count them as wrong. She said this in front of the entire class. Spelling was my worst subject.

  26. Dawn says:

    My bad teacher was one in high school of course. I had her for Anatomy and Physiology. It also happened to be one of my harder classes during my senior year. She was very picky and mean. No sympathy for anyone or anything. But, luckily I passed and got out of there!

  27. Tony says:

    I had a Spanish teacher that would slam her ruler on the table if people were not talking in Spanish in her class. It was frightening.

  28. Joe says:

    My Spanish teacher she wore shapless dresses with a sweater, usually white draped on her shoulders with high top black lace up shoes. She had a cold piercing stare with a kind of smirk. . Not doing your homework or not studying your lesson would have very bad consequences.She was not a hugging type of teacher.

  29. Lora says:

    We had an Algebra teacher we called tall, dark and gruesom!!! He liked to rap people on the knuckles!

  30. Megan says:

    My worst teacher was Mr. Starnes for science. He had tenure, seemingly hated kids, and had long ago given up teaching for playing a movie and sleeping. He was so disgruntled, even cartoonishly so. Later, I found out that he had 12 kids at home and I started to understand him a little better. 😉

  31. Deborah says:

    Ugh, my 7th grade General Science teacher. I will never forget the evil woman, she reminded me of the wicked witch of the west. She always tried to embarass me in front of the class thinking I didn’t know the right answers. I hope for the sake of future generations that she finally retired.

  32. Julie Hurst says:

    I had many bad teachers, but mostly I remember the good ones who inspired me to be a good teacher myself.

  33. Bobby says:

    My bad teacher was actually my 7th grade teacher. She looked like an over cooked pork rind and dressed like Goldmember (I wish I was kidding)

  34. Anna says:

    I had a french teacher that couldnt tell one person from another…lol

  35. Anna says:

    I had a french teacher that couldnt tell kids from one another…lol

  36. SHANIYA says:


  37. Sydney says:

    I had a biology teacher in high school who came to class drunk. He always wore dark glasses and he always had a cup in his hand. The class consisted of us watching a lot of movies. Didn’t learn much in that class.

  38. Shon says:

    Had a teacher who always picked her noise so gross

  39. Diem F. says:

    My high school home room teacher was more interested in “hooking” people up in relationships than teaching us.

  40. Duane M says:

    My honors algebra 2 teacher was HORRIBLE!!!!

  41. bill says:

    4th grade teacher taped 3 wooden yard sticks together to keep us in line. It worked.

  42. shawn says:

    My bad teacher used to pick up people’s desk’s and slam them on the ground. Nobody feel asleep after that.

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